Camp Perry 2015 Starts with a Bang!

first awards collage






Hi! Friends, Parents, and Supporters!

You know how you begin to dread that task or event before it happens? The planning and elbow grease along with little bits of your soul that hit the floor disguised as sweat. The moment, mid-process, you’re concretely positive that the proverbial light at the end of this tunnel is a train! But then calmly and quietly something subtle and inconspicuous jerks everything into focus with a force that you’re shocked you didn’t see coming, and you begin to realize the immeasurable value of what’s happening around you.

Yes, I planned, packed, made lists………and more lists…….followed up by a couple of lists, only to be rewarded at go-time with a travel experience that left me with sentiments, if genuinely expressed, would be sure to land me on the “No Fly” list! Sleep deprived and beginning to formulate a theory that I may have actually de-evolved somewhere along the way, I trudged through with a pair of really muddy feet (don’t worry there will be a brightly explosive rant about the mud at some point) and while driving to Cleveland this morning it hit me, “I am so lucky to be playing a part in this magnificent production!” So despite all my dreading and exhaustion I declare with the thunder of Mufassa’s roar and the bone-chilling conviction of Golem’s possessiveness, THIS JOB IS MINE AND YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!

I am in such overwhelming admiration of the kids in our group, I am left without words……a truly foreign state for me! Their parents should be nothing but proud of the profoundly good people they have raised! I feel so privileged to be part of this amazing experience, and humbly recognize that all of the fretting, planning, and lists really pale in comparison to the quality friendships and life-long memories that are being forged here. Yes, I understand the official competitive shooting goals and reason for being in Ohio, but what makes this a sure success is that no matter the outcome of the competition, this group of friends will be supporting each other long after the firing has ceased and the last targets have been pulled.

Stay tuned for regular posts, pictures, scores, and other delights as we conquer Camp Perry 2015! Thanks for your patience, I hope to have this sight more developed very soon, despite the fact that Verizon believes that I have left the planet and Wifi at Camp Perry is still the ever elusive unicorn that it was last year!!!!!!!